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Rus No Gold Fast Castle

rus flag

The goal of this build is to age up to castle quickly while staying safe by not mining gold, using only golden gate, bounties, and hunting cabin to get the gold needed to age up. After Castle Age, build Warrior Monks to get relics for gold and Horse Archers/Scouts to harass.

Build Order
5 on sheep, 1 on hunting cabin, house, woodcutter, woodAll1
@hunting cabinMake 2nd scout
@400 food, @200 gold6 for golden gate
Advancing to Feudal Age
+2 woodAll3
Feudal Age
Sell 100 food, Get Professional Scouts
@prof scoutsx2 scouts
@1500 foodSell 300 for 450 gold
@1200 food, @600 gold12 on Abbey of Trinity
Advancing to Castle Age
5 on food, All on wood5All
Wooden Fortress on Wood
3x Archery Ranges
Castle Age
Sell Food for Gold, x2 Warrior Monks
1:1 ratio on Food/Wood50%50%
Warrior Monks for relics, Scouts and Horse Archers for harassment